• John Moyer

Hidden in Plain Sight

One of the benefits of being both a leadership coach and high school teacher is that I can see how both adults and students respond to leadership principles. One of the concepts that is found in Bowen Family Systems Theory (which is the basis of my leadership coaching) is the focus on content v emotional process. As a leader, you are faced with complaints from your employees. As a parent, you may experience resistance from a child. As a teenager, why does Mom insist on knowing every detail of my life? In each of the above situations, the source of the conflict is different. What is similar in each of the 3 scenarios is that most people pay attention to the words that are said. That is, we pay attention to what we can directly observe. We pay attention to the top of the iceberg, if you will. The question is, what is going on below the water? Asking this question is the first step toward a better solution.

A New Way of Seeing

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